16-year-old Evan Michael Isbell of Tuscumbia, was killed when his truck collided with a power pole on River Road sometime after 1 p.m. In Colbert Country.
Alabama State Troopers reported that the 2003 Ford Pickup truck Isabell was driving overturned and then struck a utility pole snapping it in half. A passenger in the truck was air lifted to Huntsville Hospital in serious condition. Isbell, a student at Muscle Shoals High School, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Alabama State troopers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. Currently no charges have been filed although it’s difficult not to assume that speeding may have been a factor in causing the rollover accident involving a 16-year old driver operating a motor vehicle on a restricted driver’s license.

In 2010, Alabama joined many other states in the US and instituted a graduated driver’s license program for young, immature and inexperienced drivers i.e., drivers 16 years old. It is widely accepted that 16 year old boys and girls do not as of yet have the judgement, experience or maturity to operate a motor vehicle without the guidance of an older, more experienced and mature driver. In that regard, there are several restrictions that are placed on 16 year old drivers. According to the Dept. of Public Safety, a new 16 year old driver has to get written permission from a parent or guardian to apply for a driver’s license. He or she then must pass a road skills test and even then, the driver can not operate the motor vehicle between the hours of 12 am and midnight without the accompaniment of an adult, nor can they operate the motor vehicle at any hour when there is more than one person under 21 years old with them. To graduate to the next level, the driver must become 17, and have an unblemished driving record for the previous 6 months.

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