According to Chief Deputy Randy Christian, Charles Mark Lindsey, Lindsey, 55, of Warrior was pronounced dead at the scene after he lost control of his motorcycle while traveling at a high rate of speed and crashed in the residential area of Sardis Road near Hidden Creek Drive at around 6:30 a.m. The cause of the accident is unknown.

Speeding is a leading cause of death in Alabama motorcycle accidents. According to the 2012 edition of Alabama Crash Facts as reported on, it’s the motorcyclist themselves that caused the accident itself. The majority of motorcycle accidents in Alabama are caused by speeding and/or alcohol consumption.

If you have been injured or killed in an Alabama motorcycle accident you may have a case to recover damages from a negligent party. Don’t assume that no one else can be held responsible for the death of your loved one as there are usually other circumstances that surround the accident, not the least of which is suing the bar where the deceased purchase the alcohol that proved deadly. Alabama is a Dram Shop Law state, and you might be able to sue the bar or establishment that served the alcohol to the drunk driver is you can prove that the bar or establishment acted unlawfully in serving the person.