A father and daughter were killed Friday morning in an accident involving a coal truck. The collision occurred at Alabama 24 and County Road 217. Sierra Serda, 11, died at the scene of the accident. Michael Serda, 39, was driving his daughter to Danville Middle School in the pickup when the wreck occurred. Mr. Serda was taken by ambulance for treatment, but later died. The 18-wheeler truck driver was not injured in the wreck.

It appears the truck driven by Michael Serda pulled into the path of the 18-wheeler. It appears based on witness statements that the eighteen wheeler had the right of way at the time. The Alabama State Troopers are in the process of investigating the accident, which may take more time because of the deaths.

This tragedy is another reminder of how important it is for us to continue educating our community on the importance of looking before entering the roadway. North Alabama has already had several automobile accident fatalities this year.

Any accident involving a eighteen wheeler and a passenger vehicle puts the passengers in a significantly greater danger than those in the eighteen wheeler. Too often, the inability of eighteen wheeler to stop quickly leads to significant harm and loss of human life.

There is a possibility the investigation could determine that both drivers contributed to the accident. The driver of the eighteen wheeler could be partially at fault depending on the speed of the eighteen wheeler at the time of the accident. Trucks have been known to notoriously speed in that area of Lawrence County.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of both people who lost their lives.

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