A hit and run accident occurred in the parking lot of the Economy Inn on University Drive in Huntsville. A speeding car driven by 24-year-old Jessica Matthews ran over a 4-year old child’s foot and the vehicle failed to stop. The child’s father followed the woman’s car and detained the driver until the police could arrive. Matthew’s has been charged with assault in the second degree.

It could have been worse. Hit and run driving is one of the most heinous of all motor vehicle accidents as the driver doesn’t know the extent of the injuries of the person that they have struck. Leaving someone on the side of the road to die is tantamount to manslaughter. And there is really no defense to not knowing that you have hit a pedestrian or a bicyclist as striking something, anything with your car usually causes a loud banging noise. If you ever hear the sound of your car striking something or vice versa, you should immediately pull safely over to the side of the road. If you have struck a person, you must immediately dial 911 and get an ambulance to the scene. You could be saving a life.

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