Madison County High School senior, 18-year old Juwan Toney was killed recently in a head-on collision on Maysville Road. Police at the scene reported that the two cars collided head-on, both coming to a rest in a ditch. Alabama State Troopers said that Toney was not wearing his seat belt.

Local residents said that there are frequent accidents on that stretch of road and that cars driving there go too fast, adding that this was the most serious wreck there that they had seen.

Three other people were also injured and hospitalized as a result of the crash. An unidentified passenger in Toney’s vehicle was taken to the hospital. The other vehicle involved in the crash was driven by 67-year-old J.B. Thrower who was rushed to the hospital and is listed in serious condition.

It’s a tragedy when anyone dies as a result of the negligence of another in an automobile accident, but it especially tragic when those that die are in or are approaching the prime of their life. Add to that the fact that their life might have been spared had they done something as simple as buckle their seat belt and well, it just leave one scratching their head for a reason. Why are our elected official not doing more to make the penalties for failing to wear a seat belt as serious as other preventable crimes like drunk driving? Why is law enforcement not educating high school age drivers on the consequences of getting in a wreck and not wearing their seat belts?

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