Michael David Ryan of Huntsville has died, nearly a month after being taken to Huntsville Hospital due to injuries sustained in the June 22, 2015 motorcycle accident involving a Honda Civic. The driver of the Honda Civic was uninjured.

The accident occurred when the driver of the Civic made a left hand turn into the lane of the oncoming motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to strike the car, sending the motorcycle driver, Michael Ryan flying through the air. The accident occurred at the intersection of Chalet Lane and Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville.

Making a left-hand turn is statistically one of the most hazardous maneuvers in motor vehicle operation. Many times the making of a left-hand turned will be governed by a traffic signal and produce a green arrow when oncoming traffic has been halted and it is safe to make the turn, but all too often, making a left-hand turn is left to the judgement of the driver making the turn. This is especially true when the road being turned onto is simple a residential street and the turning traffic is not too heavy.

Alabama law is similar to most other states in that it is the responsibility of the driver making the left-hand turn to be certain that there is no oncoming traffic before executing the turn and crossing oncoming traffic. It is imperative that each vehicle making a left-hand turn come to a complete stop and checking for oncoming traffic before executing the left-hand turn. It is especially hazardous when there are two or three cars waiting in line to make the left. Once the first car makes the left, the second and third cars merely assume it’s safe and that they must have the right of way and proceed without checking. The difficulty in even noticing the sliver of a vehicle that a motorcycle presents makes the intersection and left-hand turns even more hazardous.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a negligent driver making a left-hand turn, please give us a call. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the law that pertains to the making of left-hand turns as well as automobile, truck and motorcycle accident law. We stand ready to assist you if you have a case.