Six Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver

Personal Injury

Have you recently been involved in a car or a motorcycle accident? Regardless of the severity of injuries, victims are advised to hire legal representation only hours following the accident.
Hiring the assistance of a personal injury lawyer is the wisest solution in such scenarios, as these professionals are capable of reaching a fair settlement with the insurance company. By collecting complex evidence and collaborating with outside experts, they ensure victims get the medical help and financial compensation they deserve.
These lawyers provide guidance through the legal process and take the case to trial if necessary.
Take a look at the main reasons for hiring such an attorney in detail.

Provides you with an estimate of your claim

After sustaining a personal injury, the largest part of individuals faces difficulties when calculating the value of their claims. Most of them turn to online settlement calculators, which provide an approximate value without taking all relevant factors into account.
In contrast, personal injury lawyers in Denver are familiar with the major factors that affect the value of the claim, such as the gravity of the injury, the post-injury treatment, the duration of the recovery period, the emotional and mental trauma sustained in the accident, the litigation cost, etc. After a detailed analysis of your injuries in consultation with a medical expert, the attorney will provide you with an estimate of the claim value.
Keep in mind that processing the insurance claim on your own is believed to be extremely challenging for most plaintiffs due to a large amount of red tape. You’ll most likely miscalculate the claim value by consulting no experts in the process. In case you refuse to hire such a lawyer because of financial reasons, remember that these attorneys charge fees to clients solely in the event of winning the case or reaching a settlement.

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Guidance through the legal process

It’s not surprising for most plaintiffs to be unfamiliar with the multitude of steps involved in the legal procedure, having no clue when it comes to completing and filing documents. However, personal injury lawyers are the right professionals to guide you through the procedure. Make sure you Visit this website to learn about the type of legal services provided by law firms in Denver. Having a legal representative by your side in the course of the process makes the procedure less stressful and time-consuming.
Being knowledgeable in the field of personal injury law enables these attorneys to take notice of every legal technicality. Otherwise, the risk of getting tricked by the insurance company would be abnormally high. A personal injury attorney will ensure all legal documents are properly completed and filed within the deadline on your behalf by asking for no assistance on your end.

Better chances of winning the case

Another crucial reason for hiring a personal injury lawyer in Denver is having better chances of winning the case. Since insurance companies are infamous for being ruthless when it comes to settlements, it’s paramount to hire a legal representative to negotiate with these professionals in your name.
Furthermore, deciding to go into a battle with the insurance company on your own will most likely result in a low settlement. These companies take advantage of the ignorance of plaintiffs in order to reach a settlement that goes in their favor.


A personal injury lawyer is motivated to win the case

Being motivated to assist you in winning the case or reaching a fair settlement is another important reason for victims to hire professional legal assistance. Personal injury attorneys provide contingent-fee agreements, which allow them to get paid for their services solely in the event of obtaining an insurance settlement. The following link,, explains contingent fees in detail.
Since these attorneys earn a percentage of the recovered amount, they strive to obtain the highest possible settlement. In most cases, personal injury lawyers earn twenty-five percent of the amount in the event of a settlement or thirty percent when proceeding to trial.

Proceed to trial

Although the greatest number of personal injury claims never reaches trial, having a legal representative by your side means being prepared for any scenario. Since juries are generally not in favor of insurance companies, these cases are usually settled in order to avoid trial.
Nevertheless, in case the insurance company provides a ridiculously low settlement offer and has no intention of offering a higher amount, it’s high time to take the case to trial. Bear in mind that insurance companies feel threatened by plaintiffs who hire legal representatives, which forces them to offer better settlements.

Collaboration with outside experts

Another essential reason for hiring a personal injury attorney is having access to a myriad of experts, which provide valuable assistance to such cases. These lawyers collaborate with medical experts, private investigators, and certified public accountants. Each professional aids your case in a specific way in order to get a fair settlement.
For instance, medical professionals assess victims’ injuries and provide valid proof of their severity to insurance companies. Similarly, private investigators make a retrospection of the accident by taking statements from witnesses and consulting police members. In contrast, hiring no attorney means having no access to such experts and providing no valid proof.

Final thoughts

Don’t wait too long to hire such a professional.
A legal representative is what you need to win the case!