Alabama State troopers have confirmed four deaths early Sunday morning at approximately 3:00 am as a result of a Limestone County crash at the intersection of Burgreen Road and Highway 72 in Madison and struck another SUV. Troopers stated that it appears that one vehicle ran a stop sign when it hit the other. It was not immediately stated as to who was at fault in running the stop sign.

Terrance Walker, 40, of Huntsville, the driver of the larger SUV struck the smaller SUV carrying Yoneko Cain, 31 of Athens, Mario Sledge, 26, of Athens, and Larneal McDonald, 29, of Belle Mina.

After colliding and then downing a utility pole both vehicles wound up in a ditch at the north west corner of the intersection. Electricity was out in the area for hours and was restored around 7 am.

Hundreds of people are killed or injured in automobile accidents each year in Alabama. While there are many contributing factors to automobile accidents occurring, investigators are sure to suspect that alcohol and drugs may have played a role in contributing to one that occurs at 3:00 in the morning after what was possibly a Saturday night out on the town by a car full of young people. In addition, driver fatigue is sure to have played a role at 3:00 am, an hour when most people have long-since gone to bed. Sleep deprivation has an effect on driving similar to alcohol or drug impaired driving and one doesn’t actually have to fall asleep behind the wheel to cause a fatal automobile accident. Drowsy driving slows reaction time and impairing one’s ability to make sound decisions.

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