Dustin Hamilton Killen was killed as a result of a workplace accident while on the job cutting electrical wires. The accident occurred around 12:30 p.m. when according to police Killen cut wires that sheared the bucket off of the cherry picker he was riding in, plunging him 80 plus feet to his death. Killen of Lexington, Alabama was 22 years old and was employed Irby construction at the time of the accident.

Whenever someone dies of non – natural causes, a wrongful death may have occurred and the negligent party could be held responsible. This is particularly true when a young, healthy person dies as results of a work related accident. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and secure work environment and that is equally true when workers are in the field as it is when they are in a work building our office.

There are many questions that Irby Construction has to answer. What business did a 22 year old have in cutting dangerous electrical wires from a height of 80 + feet? What specialty training and licenses did he have as an electrician? How experienced was he in working at heights in the bucket of a cherry picker? Who was his supervisor and what instructions were given to him prior to executing this job?

All these and many more questions must be asked by the surviving members of Killen family.