Worker’s Compensation Faq


Who has to have worker’s compensation in Alabama?

Employers that staff fewer than five employees are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Can an employer insure themselves?

Workers’ compensation insurance can be provided via a private carrier or the employers self insure themselves.

Does worker’s compensation pay my medical bills?

Employees entitled to workers’ compensation are also entitled to full medical benefits for that injury.

Who picks my doctor?

Employers have the power to select the doctors that employees visit.

How much am I paid for my injuries in Alabama? 

Payments for partial or total disability are based on a percentage of the employee’s salary and are subject to weekly maximums.

How are my attorney fees paid in Alabama?

Subject to court approval, attorney fees are limited to 15 percent of the workers’ compensation settlement.

Are independent contractors covered by worker’s compensation in Alabama?

Independent contractors are typically NOT considered to be employees of a business and, therefore, are generally not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Do I have to use my vacation time if I am injured?

As stipulated in Alabama’s workers’ compensation laws, you will be entitled to take off work by using “temporary total disability time.” You will not have to use your personal vacation time.

Who regulates the worker’s compensation laws in Alabama?

In Alabama, worker’s compensation issues are handled through the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations Worker’s Compensation Division.

What can determine if I am covered for my injuries?

Pre-existing injuries, willful misconduct,intoxication and drug use, willful failure or refusal to use safety appliances, off-duty injuries and a number of other issues.

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