Left Turn Accidents


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Have you been injured in a left turn accident in Alabama? Left turns are one of the riskiest driving maneuvers and are dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. If you’ve been injured in a left turn accident through no fault of your own, our Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama left turn accident attorneys at Ferguson & Ferguson can help you with your accident case. We have been successfully represented car accident victims for over 27 years. Call now for your no obligation, free consultation. Call now. Call 256-534-3435.

Causes of Left Turn Accidents

Some of the most common causes of left turn accidents include:

  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Illegal turns
  • Negligence
  • Misjudging the speed of an oncoming vehicle
  • Miscalculating the gap in traffic
  • Inadequate surveillance
  • Failure to use proper signals to alert other drivers
  • Cutting the corner
  • DUI
  • Illegal drugs
  • Attempting to elude police

Most Common Injuries in Left Turn Accidents

In a left turn collision, people on the right side of the negligent car tend to have more serious injuries than those on the opposite side because the people on the right side where the impact happens absorb more force from the crash. Some of the most common injuries seen in left turn crashes include:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries
  • Limb injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Wrongful death

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