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A “T-bone” car accident refers to a side impact or a broadside collision, in which the front of one vehicle hits the side of the other vehicle. Unlike other accidents where drivers and passengers can brace for impact, T-bone accidents give passengers and drivers little to no time to react. T-bone collisions, also known as side-impact accidents, are also one of the most dangerous types of car crashes with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggesting the t-bone collisions account for 25 percent of car accident fatalities.  These crashes are often the deadliest, causing serious injuries or death. If you have been injured in a T-bone collision, call Ferguson & Ferguson. Call 256-534-3435 now.

T-bone Accident Facts

Over 60% of car accident deaths occurred in side impacts (year 2000-01), according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). Common Factors in a T-bone Crash:

  • 1. Red-light-running crashes
  • 2. Intersection related or failure to yield
  • 3. Involves a traffic sign and failing to stop
  • 4. Hitting a pole or tree
  • 5. Ejections through a side window
  • 6. Driver failed to look for other vehicles while making a left or right turn

Common Injuries

  • 1. traumatic-brain-injury
  • 2. Skull fracture
  • 3. Neck injuries
  • 4. Torso and chest injuries
  • 5. Pelvic and bone fractures
  • 6. Fatal injuries
  • 7. Burns, scars and disfigurements

Safety Features

  • 1. Side-Curtain Airbags
  • 2. Torso Airbags
  • 3. Side Impact Rating
  • 4. Structural Soundness

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