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Do you need a top criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience in handling criminal cases? Do you want to hire the best criminal defense attorney in Huntsville, Alabama? If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a criminal offense in Huntsville, Alabama, it is critical you make every effort to obtain an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney (abogado) to assist you in your case. When we are called by a client, it is usually during the worst time of their lives. we understand that you are probably worried, confused and stressed. Our job is to take away the stress and the worrying for our clients. We understand your rights and the criminal justice system. Our Huntsville ad Decatur criminal defense lawyers can help alleviate your stress by fighting for you. We at the Law Office of Ferguson & Ferguson are committed to providing excellent representation, with only our clients’ best interests in mind, and promise to make every effort to obtain the best result possible. If you are charged with any of the following offenses, call us now. We can handle the following kinds of criminal cases in Decatur, Athens, Moulton and Huntsville including:

Our criminal defense attorney’s (abogados) have handled almost every type of criminal prosecution, from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies, and have represented thousands of individuals from all walks of life. We successfully represent criminal clients in municipal, state and federal court. We proudly receive referrals from former clients, police officers and attorneys. Our attorneys have also served as judges and magistrates in Alabama. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys with over fifty years of combined experience, who are here to help. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on all criminal cases. if you want to get into a diversion program. Call 256-534-3435 or 256-350-7200. We can help.

What Are My Pre-stop Rights In Alabama?

Normally, police officers must have reasonable or probable cause before they can pull a motorist over. What is reasonable to one court may completely different to another court. Police officers must have specific facts before they detain an individual. Officers often say you were speeding, weaving or driving recklessly. The most common excuse for pulling over a driver is illegal lane usage, which can be anything from no blinker to touching the yellow line. DUI checkpoints are the major exception to the rule in Alabama.

At traffic stops, motorists must provide a drivers’ license and proof of insurance. Further, you must answer basic information like your name. If you give a false information you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony in certain situations. Other than that, you do not have to give any other information. Although rolling down your windows, and being polite can often prevent you from getting additional charges because of an upset officer. Cooperating under most normal circumstances is a good idea, but do not answer questions that my incriminate you. If officers ask more than three or four questions, and you feel uncomfortable, it’s usually best to ask if you are under arrest or if you are free to leave. If possible video or tape record your stop to protect yourself even though the officer has on body cam. If ask to stop recording by the officer, it is usually better to comply. Once in custody, your Fifth Amendment rights begin. You can remain silent and refuse to answer any questions. Further, you have a right at that point to ask for an attorney.

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If you, a friend or a loved one is being investigated or charged with a criminal offense, you need to seek the advice of a top criminal defense attorney immediately. You probably have a million questions and you are not quite sure how to proceed. Since a criminal conviction could affect your family, future, endanger your chances of getting a job, it is vital that you seek out an experienced Alabama criminal defense attorney as soon as you are being investigated or charged with a criminal offense. The right Alabama criminal defense lawyer can assess your case, make smart legal strategies, and defend you in court, increasing your likelihood of staying out of jail and protecting your future.

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We can handle all criminal charges in Alabama. It is vitally important that you choose a Decatur or Huntsville criminal defense lawyer who has a thorough understanding and familiarity with the law, the prosecutors and the local courts. Your liberty and your even your life mare on line when you’ve been arrested in Alabama, not to mention your job, your pocketbook and your standing in the community. Randy Ferguson has been a defense attorney in North Alabama for 27 years, and has served as a magistrate for 27 years. We understand the techniques used by the prosecutors, and we know how to defend against them. As a result, we can build strong legal strategies to protect our clients from any charge.If you have been accused of a crime, your time to get the right experienced criminal defense attorney is limited. Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you deserve aggressive, experienced legal representation in a court of law. Call now for a free consultation. Call 256-350-7200 or 256-534-3435. Call now. We are here to help.

Our criminal defense attorneys (abogados) can help no matter what city or town in the State of Alabama.

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