10 of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

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From the time that an auto accident takes place, the injuries can be immediate. Not only can injuries take place right away, but multiple injuries can take place. Regardless of the injury being due to broken glass or blunt force trauma, the fact remains that an injury can be inevitable. Sadly though, many of the victims who sustain injuries will also be faced with a huge amount of psychological stress stemming from medical bills and lost wages. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have listed 10 of the most common car accident injuries.


1. Injuries to the Brain

When it comes to the seriousness of an injury caused by an auto accident, no other can come close to having a brain injury occur. When an injury to the brain occurs, the effects can range between being a mild concussion that will heal in a short amount of time and a brain injury that is traumatic in nature and oftentimes irreversible. These brain injuries can be so severe that a person’s vision, speech, emotions, and memory can be affected.


2. Injuries to Other Parts of the Head

Due to the head being a vulnerable part of the body, a car accident can affect other parts of the head including the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. When an injury occurs to these parts, there may be issues with sight, chewing, hearing, or smelling. A few of the results of these injuries may include blindness, dental fractures, and deafness.


3. Injuries to the Neck

The majority of neck injuries that take place during a car accident are due to whiplash. When whiplash occurs, the neck ligaments become stretched and damaged. This damage could also affect the spine. When this injury takes place, a lot of pain can occur and become chronic in nature. Besides whiplash, the trachea or larynx can become crushed and even a broken neck can take place, causing death.


4. Injuries to the Back

A potentially traumatic injury that can take place involves the back. When a back injury occurs, there can be many injuries to the back muscles, ligaments, and spine. If a back injury is severe in nature, then it could cause paralysis due to a vertebra or disk severing the spine.


5. Injuries to the Chest

When a seat belt is not being worn and a car accident takes place, then an injury to the chest may take place. An injury to the chest may involve a broken sternum or broken ribs. Besides these common chest injuries, an injury could also occur to vital organs such as the lungs or heart. The good part is that car airbags have helped to reduce the number of chest injuries.


6. Diaphragm Injury

Along the lines of an injury to the chest, a diaphragm injury may occur if the trauma is penetrating or blunt. This trauma could ultimately cause a diaphragm to rupture. When a complete rupture of the diaphragm will need immediate surgery and will affect breathing. When you are recovering, this will be a good time to contact a Houston car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options following the crash.


7. Injuries to the Abdomen

When a car accident involves a side or front collision, the injuries could involve the abdominal area. These injuries could cause fractures to the hips and cause internal damage to vital organs, such as the spleen, liver, and kidneys. When a spleen or liver ruptures, it can cause immediate internal bleeding and if medical treatment is not sought in time, then death will eventually occur.


8. Injuries to the Knee and Legs

Experiencing a car crash can lead to the legs coming into contact with the driver-side dash and steering wheel area. When this happens, an injury involving the knees and legs can cause fractures, tears to ligaments and muscles, cuts, and bruises. Other leg injuries can involve a tear to the meniscus, hamstring, or quadriceps.


9. Injuries to the Feet

Due to the position of the feet, they are very vulnerable if a car accident was to take place. If the feet are injured during a crash, then the result may be strains, a sprain, ankle dislocations, and even fractures to the feet and ankle. These injuries will result from the victim bracing themself during an impact.


10. Limbs are Severed

When a car crash is serious in nature, the victim could easily have limbs severed when sharp objects hit the arms or legs at a high rate of speed. Although limbs can be severed during a car accident, they most commonly occur when a motorcycle is involved in a car crash.



When you have been injured in a car crash, you need to be taken t a hospital for evaluation regardless of any pain being present. When treatment is sought, you should be in touch with a personal injury attorney to discuss your case so that you can obtain compensation.