10-year old Thomas Lee Brown, a passenger on an ATV was killed and two other youngsters were critically injured when the ATV they were operating left the road and struck a tree. 14-year old Haley Brown, of Geraldine and another 13-year-old girl were taken to Huntsville Hospital were they are listed in serious condition.

Although ATV’s have four wheels, they are in many ways even more unstable than riding a motorcycle. The very features that make them ideal when operating at slow speeds and in rough terrain make them extremely hazardous at higher speeds on flatter roads. ATV’s have a high wheel base and can drive over fallen trees and through deep mud or rock formations but this higher wheel base make the center of gravity dangerously high. ATVs are prone to rolling over when navigating even a slight turn at higher speed.

The web site for the Consumer Product Safety Commission,, writes that ATV’s, because of their high propensity to cause fatalities, should not be operated by anyone under the age of 16, driven on paved roads, or occupied by even one passenger other than the driver. All three of these safety precautions were apparently ignored by the driver of the ATV that killed young Thomas Lee Brown. A 14-year old does not have the judgement of an adult and the parents or guardians of those who have access to ATV’s must act responsibly and prevent young reckless kids from gaining access to the keys to the vehicle.

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