Accident victims calling 911

13 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Alabama Car Accident Case

It’s not obvious what to do following an Alabama automobile collision. The majority of people are aware of the fundamentals, such as dialing for help from emergency services, but there are also many blunders that are simple to make. Those who have never been in a car accident are more likely to handle the situation incorrectly. Sadly, those errors may wind up costing them money. The following are a few pitfalls to avoid.

Leaving the Scene of the Accident

Never leave the scene of an accident. This may sound apparent, but occasionally people panic and end up driving or fleeing the scene of the accident, especially if they were the ones who caused it. Unfortunately, the driver will probably be found to be at fault even if they did not cause the collision because they sped away. They also risk being charged with a felony or misdemeanor for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Today’s abundance of cameras and other forms of proof increases the likelihood that the motorist will be apprehended. If just property damage occurred when they are, they will be charged with a misdemeanor. If there were injuries in the accident, they would be charged with a felony, which may result in up to  ten years  in jail.

Not Talking to Witnesses and Getting Their Information

‍It’s simple to move on after a minor mishap, especially if it appears that any damages or injuries are minor. Sadly, it is conceivable for the automobiles to have hidden damage or for there to be catastrophic injuries that don’t manifest themselves for a few days after the collision. It will be more harder to file a claim and get paid at this point if the driver doesn’t know the specifics of the other parties involved in the collision. Whenever someone else is involved in an accident, always collect their name, address, phone number, and insurance information.

Admitting Guilt or Liability

The motorist could be held accountable for an admission of guilt. It is frequently assumed that someone is at fault if they apologize for the mishap. Say nothing that might be interpreted as an acknowledgment of any error or responsibility for the disaster. Even if there was another cause for the collision, the driver will probably be held accountable if they previously accepted culpability. This implies that they will be obligated to pay the damages for any other parties involved in the accident or any damaged property. Although the driver’s insurance will cover this, the insurance company may raise the driver’s rates if they are found to be responsible for any costs that their policy does not cover.

Failure to Leave a Note for Unoccupied Vehicle Accidents

If the owner of the empty vehicle is not present and an accident occurs, take the time to write a message. The rule compels drivers who strike an unoccupied car to either speak with the owner of the vehicle and get their contact information or to leave a note with their name, address, and phone number in a visible place. Additionally, it is necessary to report the collision to the police or the highway patrol. Choose the highway patrol for unincorporated locations and the police department for areas that are incorporated.

Telling the Officer or Other Accidental Personnel That Your Not Hurt

Many accident survivors who are able to get up and go say they’re OK. After an accident, it’s never a good idea to claim to be fine. No need to fabricate injuries, but don’t claim there aren’t any either. After an accident, adrenaline levels are frequently high, which can make pain seem less severe. There is a chance that you have hidden injuries that won’t become apparent for a day or two following the collision. The insurance companies might be skeptical of any injuries that later surface if the person has already stated that they are well. Instead, refrain from speaking and get help as soon as you can.‍

Not Getting Immediate Medical Attention

Even if the damage looks minimal, it’s crucial to seek medical assistance soon quickly after an accident. In the event that any injuries are concealed, a doctor can examine the patient and begin treatment right away. As it’s likely that the person was hurt somewhere else after the accident and is attempting to get it covered by the insurance company to avoid having to pay medical bills out of pocket, waiting to receive medical care may frequently look suspect to the insurance companies. Despite the fact that this is fraud, it does occur, thus insurance companies must exercise caution. It is preferable to begin medical treatment within a day or two so that the manner of the injuries can be clearly identified.


Failing to Get Photos of the Accident and Your Injuries

‍Those who are able to leave the scene of the collision without needing an ambulance should snap pictures of it. Always snap as many pictures as you can, particularly before moving any vehicles off the road. Having too many images is preferable to not having enough. Take pictures of any cuts, bruises or injuries. The weather at the scene of the accident, the state of the roads, the volume of traffic in the region, any skid marks that indicate whether or not someone attempted to stop to prevent the collision, and much more can all be shown through photographs. If the photographs are available and utilized as evidence, even the smallest features can subsequently make a significant difference.

Not Keeping a Diary of  Everything Related to the Accident

Take the time to document what happened after things have settled down a bit, medical assistance has been sought, and everything at the accident scene has been dealt with. Write down every detail of the collision to retain a record of it, even if there is dashcam video and pictures of it. As time goes on, it’s possible to overlook minute particulars that could be crucial and affect how the case turns out. Everybody experiences this, especially if they repeatedly relate the same tale. If you record what happened, it will be accurate and you can use it as proof if necessary in the future. Note as many specifics as possible. Keep a list copies of all medical providers and records and bills.

Not Reporting the Accident to the DMV

‍Drivers are required to report accidents to the department of motor vehicles.  A driver should only submit this form if they believe the other driver is responsible for their damage, and one of the following occurred: Someone was injured or killed. You suffered more than $500 in property damage and you have not received compensation. Drivers would be wise to complete this task independently because it is essential that it be completed promptly. The driver’s attorney or insurance provider, however, may file the report on their behalf. This phase in the procedure is made as simple as feasible by the availability of a form that can be quickly and easily filled out and submitted.

Not Tracking Mileage, Wage Loss, Bills and Expenses

‍Keep a record of all costs associated with the accident, including the medical charges and wage loss information. Make a file for each bill or receipt so they are all in one place and simple to discover when needed. Drivers or passengers will need to provide proof of the amount they paid to medical centers, auto repair shops, and other entities in order to receive reimbursement for injuries. The amount of compensation the claimant should receive may be decreased if there are no receipts to support the claim. This may occur if the individual is unsure of the appropriate settlement amount or if the insurance provider declines to pay the person’s expenses because there is no documentation of them.

Discussing the Accident With Adjuster or Anyone

It’s crucial for everyone who has been in an accident to keep their conversation private. It’s all too simple to say something that could be interpreted as an admission of guilt while speaking with the other parties involved. Speaking with the other motorist’s insurance provider could result in the driver mistakenly saying anything that, if taken out of context, could cast them in a bad light. Avoid posting on social media since it may be used as evidence in the future and, depending on what is written, may be interpreted as an admission of guilt. Let your attorney talk to the adjusters and witnesses.

Taking Too Long to File the Claim

There is a statute of limitations for how long someone has to file a claim after a car accident. If there are injuries as a result of the accident, those involved have two years to file a compensation claim.  There are very few instances where it is possible to file the claim after the statute of limitations, such as being unable to find the other driver or if you are a minor. It is always better to file as early as possible and start the process to avoid running out of time. There are special filing time limits for government entities like counties and cities.

Failing to Hire a Lawyer

Failure to seek legal counsel after an automobile accident is one of the worst errors people make. Anyone involved in a car accident needs to have a lawyer on their side, guiding them through each stage to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation given the likelihood of so many mistakes being made. Having a lawyer makes it simpler to stay clear of mistakes, present evidence of the accident’s liability, and ensure that the settlement offer received is enough to pay for all accident-related costs, including the cost of employing a lawyer. People can protect themselves from being exploited by hiring a lawyer, especially if they are coping with the accident while recovering from serious injuries.

It can be hard to know what to do or what to avoid doing after an auto accident. You need the best car accident lawyer you can hire. If you have questions after a car accident, call the Decatur and Huntsville car accident lawyers that North Alabama residents have counted on for over 30 years.  Call Ferguson & Ferguson now.  Call 256-534-3435 or 256-350-7200. All of the mistakes listed here can have a huge impact on the outcome of the case and whether or not the person can obtain compensation for any injuries or damages. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, take the time to schedule a consultation with a lawyer today. Learn more about your case and get the help needed to avoid these and other potential mistakes.