6 Reasons Why Harassment Training Is Important

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Harassment in the workplace is still an ongoing problem for many people in the United States and in the entire world for that matter. We would very much like to have this problem eradicated already and there’s no doubt that we have made some great strides towards it. The issue still persists though, and it is far from being solved. Click this to get a better idea about what it is.

While you cannot solve all the world’s problems on your own, the truth is that you can contribute to solving this. As an employer, you can do your best to make your workers feel completely safe and create an amazing and strong workplace culture that your employees will enjoy. One of the things you can do with that particular aim is provide all of your employees with sexual harassment prevention training.

You have most likely heard already that numerous employers are doing this, and you’re thinking of a reason to join the party, so to speak. Well, the good news is that there are actually quite a lot of reasons to do that. If you cannot think of any right now, then here is what I suggest. Simply continue reading, and I’ll provide you with a list of some important reasons why harassment training is important.

It Raises Awareness Of Unacceptable Behavior

The first thing that this type of a training program will do is raise people’s awareness of unacceptable behavior. The line is not always clear and some people might be quite confused. That can lead to them observing or experiencing harassment without actually knowing what is happening and without knowing that they have the right to report the issue because it isn’t acceptable. This is not what you want in your workplace, and the trainings can help change it.

Speaking of reporting and recognizing, here’s a useful read:

It Turns People From Bystanders To Upstanders

A lot of individuals live by the rule that they should stay clear of things that don’t really concern them. Do you really want your employees not being able to count on their colleagues to stand up for them in case they are being harassed? I am sure that this is not something that you would love, because it would certainly be bad for the culture of the company.

Well, the good thing is that harassment training can help turn those bystanders into upstanders. In other words, it can make people proactive and ready to interfere when they notice something fishy going on. Your staff will become confident and ready to act whenever they notice certain unacceptable behaviors in the workplace, which is certainly a big deal.

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It Encourages Employees To Report Unacceptable Behavior & Teaches Them How

Apart from encouraging workers to report harassment, these trainings will also teach them how to do that. A lot of people are usually quite ready to act and stand up for themselves or their colleagues, but the problem is that they don’t know how. They don’t know where to go and whom to talk to, and that can make everything much more difficult. Well, the trainings will help change that, as they will teach your employees specifically how to act and how to report the issues when they notice them.

It Creates A Safe Working Environment

Perhaps the most important benefit of those harassment online training programs is that they help create a safe working environment for your employees. When people are feeling safe in a workplace, they are bound to work harder and to love coming in to the office every day. This will lead to higher employee retention rate, which is definitely a good thing. So, if you are looking to create a safe environment in your offices, you should certainly find one of these programs.

And Thus Helps Your Company Grow

Since you’ll create a safer environment with the help of these trainings, you can also expect your company to grow at a much better rate. Why is this, though? Well, to put it as simply as possible, it is because happy people will work better, and feeling safe in their workplace will certainly make them happier than feeling constantly anxious and worried that they might be harassed. In short, both your company and your employees will benefit greatly from these trainings.

It Is Required By Law

Another thing you should know here is that you are required by law to provide these trainings. So, if you don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities, you should undeniably find the perfect program and have all your employees go through it. I suppose you understand what “required by law” means already. Make sure to check the laws in your specific state, though, so that you can be absolutely sure you are meeting all the necessary requirements.