6 Signs that You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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Going through an accident can result in one or more serious injuries that limit what you can do and prohibit you from working. Though you may survive an accident where insurers on both sides agree, this does not always happen. The guilty party’s insurer can tie the case up in court for years or give you the run around until the statute of limitations is over. You should look at the six signs that you need a personal injury attorney to work for you.

You Sustained Injuries

The most common reason why you need a personal injury attorney is that you sustained serious injuries as the result of another person. This can include a broken arm or leg when someone hits you as you ride your bike or internal injuries that require surgery and hospital care. Many cases include payment for pain and suffering on top of any other costs you have.

No One Knows Who is Liable

After a car accident, you should always call the police department and have an officer come to the scene. The officer will write a report that shows who caused the accident. This is the liable party. An attorney can help you if you did not file a police report or if you’re not sure who is liable. Think about an accident where someone slammed into another car, which then hit a different vehicle and caused that one to run through an intersection. Your attorney can determine the liability of each person or find the individual who was primarily responsible for the accident.

You Cannot Work

Though some injuries are minor and only require a quick trip to the hospital, others are more serious. A serious injury can leave you unable to work for several weeks or longer. If you are in the area and you learn that you cannot work, contact a personal injury attorney in Lakeland FL. The responsible person and/or their insurer should cover any lost wages that you suffer. They need to pay the amount that you make until you go back to work and may need to pay even more if the accident causes you to become disabled.

There are Several Parties

When an accident involves two or more parties, you should consult with an attorney. Not only do you need help finding out who is liable, but you may need to work together to file a lawsuit. This often happens when the person’s insurer refuses to cover the costs that everyone incurred or if they try to pay your group less than you deserve.

You Cannot Afford Your Injuries

Even if you have good health insurance, you may find that you cannot afford to treat your injuries. Hospital emergency rooms will treat anyone who comes through their doors but will bill them later. You might spend a few nights in the hospital and get a bill in the mail for more than you could ever afford to pay. A good attorney will help you go after the person who caused the accident and get the money needed to cover your medical bills.

The Insurer Ignores You

If you were ever in an accident before, you probably know what happens next. You contact your insurer who then contacts the other person’s insurer. The two sides come to an agreement on how much money you get, which should include enough cash to cover your medical bills and any repair costs you have. Not all cases involve two insurers though. If you do not have an insurer on your side, you may find that the person’s insurance company ignores you. They refuse to take your calls and claim they never got your messages or send you letters to the wrong address and put you on hold for hours. A good attorney helps you settle the case quickly and guarantees that the insurance company will listen to you.

When you are in an accident that involves another person who caused the accident, you need a good personal injury attorney. The attorney works for you and will take steps to help you settle the case as quickly as possible and get the compensation you deserve. Some of the signs that you need a personal injury attorney include you have an insurer who ignores you and the case involves multiple parties with issues regarding liability.