An elderly man riding a bicycle on a sunny day

Decatur Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A Decatur cyclist was hit on the Beltline and Danville Road on Monday September 11, 2023. Everyone needs to remember that bicycles have the same rights in Alabama as motorized vehicles. Even though they have the same rights, the bike always loses in a car vs bike accident. Motor vehicle operators need to remember the following tips provided by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance:

1. Check the bike lane. Always be cautious when driving around bike lanes. Look before crossing a bike lane, and always yield to the bike.

2. Allow extra space when passing cyclists. You should always allow extra space between you and a cyclist when passing.

3. Slow down. Always reduce your speed when approaching a cyclist. Narrow roads and bridges can make it difficult for other drivers to see in front of you. By reducing your speed, it lets drivers behind you know there’s a reason to slow down ahead. Also, don’t follow them too closely.

4. Be cautious in residential neighborhoods. Trees, shrubs and parked cars can block the view of drivers in residential neighborhoods. Cyclists also use residential neighborhood roads to easily get around and stay out of heavy traffic. There are also more children biking in these neighborhoods. Always drive slow, yield to traffic and make a complete stop at stop signs, because you are at risk of hitting someone if not.

5. Be courteous. Don’t honk unless it’s an emergency. Also, apologize if you make a mistake. Try to make eye contact or give a wave.

If you have been injured, immediately do the following:

  • Get names and phone numbers of witnesses and drivers
  • Call police
  • Get treatment
  • Take pictures

Remember, as a cyclist you should be visible, always signal and know that in any bike vs. car accident, the bike always loses. Contact the bicycle accident lawyers at Ferguson & Ferguson for fast and reliable legal help in your bicycle accident case. We know all of the applicable bicycle laws and will help you with your accident claim. Call 256-534-3435.