64-year old David L. Prituten of Athens, Alabama was killed when the Chevrolet pickup he was driving slammed into the rear of the trailer of an 18-wheeler on U.S. 72 near Line Road. Prituten was pronounced dead at the scene despite the rescue efforts of the Athens Fire and Rescue service. According to Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson, the 18-wheeler was stopped in the middle of the road attempting to make a right hand turn into a business parking lot. It is not clear if the driver of the 18-wheeler was charged.

18-wheel tractor trailers, because of their enormous size, weight and height, present a special danger on our Alabama highways. Not only is a car likely to be crushed if one is rear-ended by an 18-wheeler that fails to stop, but also, an average automobile or pickup will be decapitated if it runs into the trailer portion or the 18-wheeler at speed. The body of the motor vehicle will usually drive under the trailer but the windshield, windows and roof are likely to be sheered off in the event of a collision. Tractor trailer driver need to be aware of this addition safety hazard and make sure to never stop in the middle of a highway when making a turn.

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