Experienced and Affordable Slip and Fall Attorneys in Atlanta City


Although we have seen a decrease in the fatality rate from slip and fall over the years because of the health and safety measures enforced in the public area, we still witness a few.

Some can be slippery floor accidents, falling objects, or leaking roofs, which might cause a slip and fall. A slip and fall are accidents that occur when a person slips and falls. For this reason, a victim may decide to engage a lawyer to represent his interest.

The interest may range from an insurance claim to compensation by the owner or the occupier of the premises. Today we will learn what we need to know about affordable slip and fall attorney in Atlanta and around.

Insurance to pay or a property owner

Deciding who is to pay for liability, in such a case, is a very important factor. Sometimes accidents happen when we are in a public place and others on private property. For example, if the injury occurs while the victim is at his workplace, there is an accident cover for workers that compensates the injured workers.

If it’s in a mall, restaurant, or private home, the property owner’s insurance can cover the claims. He can cover the claim on his own too. But for him to be made legally responsible, the victim and his lawyer will have to prove the injury did not happen because of the injured carelessness.

What property owners need to know

When you become a property owner, and you have tenants. The responsibility of keeping the property free from any danger becomes yours. This means, in case someone gets injured while lawfully visiting the property, he may sue you. Read here for more

Victims should know that Atlanta has an affordable slip and Fall Attorney

When you suffer an injury because of a slip and fall and you are in the city of Atlanta, there are several affordable and experienced lawyers who you can call to help you get fair compensation.

This compensation can take care of your medical expenditure, lost wages during the days that you will not be working because of the injury, and compensation for the pain you have suffered.

Always remember, getting fair payment is not up to the lawyer only. As a victim, you have a few responsibilities of ensuring you have enough evidence to help fast-track your case. For example:


Calling for professional help immediately after injury

A slip and fall may look like nothing to worry about, but it can be a cause of grief, for example, an expensive medical treatment, some may end up spending many months in the hospital, Other injuries can lead to total disability or even death in the worst-case scenario. If you are able, take as much evidence as you can, like pictures and video. A witness contact would also help the case.

Atlanta attorneys will help you determine liability

For the property owner to assume responsibility for the injury suffered by the victim on his premises, they must prove the following to be true:

• The premises owner or someone employed by him has spilled, torn, or made a place slippery with no visible warning to the users of the premises.

• When the owner knowingly fails to remove objects that might cause an accident from the floor, e.g. nails, broken glass, logs, or any foreign objects that are considered a hazard in a space where people are using.

• When there are evident dangerous damages that need repairs, which are not repaired and the owner of the premises knows about it.

• When there are no signs of a slippery floor or warning of a linkage of falling items. Click here to see more tips.


For premises owners, know that all injuries resulting from slip and fall may not be a case of negligence by you or your staff, for example, an injury caused by tripping on something that was expected to be on the floor because the victim was chatting on the phone and didn’t see where he was going. As much as we have the best attorneys in Atlanta, we are all responsible for our safety, therefore we are expected to watch where we are going to minimize the number of injuries.