I Have Been in a Car Accident. What do I do?

If you become involved in an auto accident, stay calm and act responsibly.

Here are some guidelines you must follow if this accident has occurred in the State of Alabama.

• Stop your vehicle safely, out of the flow of traffic and in a position close to the accident.

• Remain calm and stay aware of the situation including any visible injuries to yourself or others, the traffic and any other potential dangers, such as fire.

• Notify 911 immediately to report any injuries and request medical assistance as needed.

• It’s very important that you must never leave the scene of an accident, no matter whether you consider yourself the responsible party or not. It’s essential you remain to offer any necessary help following the accident and to provide contact information and proof of insurance.

• Leaving an accident prematurely can result in the revoking of your driving privileges or the suspension of your driving license.

• Do your best to provide immediate assistance to other motorists, passengers or pedestrians that may have been injured in the accident. Do not attempt to move an injured person unless this is absolutely necessary, such as removing them from potential harm.

• If you have been injured, remain calm, ensure you are out of danger, call and wait for help to arrive. Do not attempt to move more than is necessary to remain safe.

• After these emergency needs have been taken care of, call local Alabama police, highway patrol or sheriff’s department.
Exchanging Information.
• Alabama law requires that, in the event of an accident, the parties involved provide each other with certain information.

• It is also wise to ask any witnesses to the accident for their contact information in case you need to have them testify at any time in the future.

• The information to be exchanged after an accident includes:

Contact details: name, address, phone numbers
Driver’s license number
License plate numbers of any vehicles involved in the accident
Auto insurance information for any motorists involved

• If an unattended vehicle has been hit in the accident, you are required to find the owner and exchange information. If you are unable to locate the owner, you are required to leave a note with your name, contact details and a brief description of the accident.

Reporting to Alabama Department of Public Safety:
You are required to report an accident to the Alabama Department of Public Safety and submit a Safety Responsibility Accident Report within 30 days of an accident in the following situations:

The accident resulted in injury or death
The accident caused property damage in excess of $250

Please note that the form must be completed whether or not the accident was your fault. This applies both to Alabama residents and out of state drivers.

In the event that you are injured in an auto accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney for help and guidance. Call Ferguson & Ferguson at 256-534-3435.