It appears that Mapco gas stations in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama were involved in a fuel mix-up on Monday night. There are also at least nine gas stations in Middle Tennessee closed because of the problem. Inspectors believe it all started at the terminal where trucks pick up the gasoline. Hundreds of vehicles may have been damaged and drivers were left stranded on the roads. Mapco has set up a toll free number for people whose vehicles were damaged. Call 1-855-469-6272.

Should you Talk to an Attorney

If you feel as if you are being treated unfairly by the companies involved in this case, you should contact an attorney. If your vehicle has been damaged, you may be able to recover for property damage, towing costs, loss of use of your vehicle while it is being repaired or replaced and possible economic damages. If you have questions, call today to get your free consultation with attorney Randy W. Ferguson. Call 256-534-3435 to discuss your case.