5 Things To Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney


1. How long have you been practicing criminal law in Alabama? While practicing law a long time and having the most experience is not essential, it probably is not a great idea to hire someone who just graduated from law school, especially if you’re facing serious charges with serious consequences. We have over 60 years of combined experience practicing criminal law in Alabama.
2. What percentage of your cases involve criminal law? If you’re trying to fight criminal charges, an attorney who dabbles in criminal law is not a good idea. Although it is not uncommon for attorneys to do different types of cases in a city the size of Huntsville or Decatur, they do need to practice criminal law on a constant basis. The law changes frequently, and unless they keep up with the changes, you will be the one to suffer. Attorney Randy W. Ferguson has practiced criminal law for over 30 years, and has been magistrate for over twenty years. He has handled as an attorney (abogado) or magistrate over 25,000 cases or hearings in Madison County, Alabama. It’s best to choose a lawyer who devotes most of his or her time to criminal defense.
3. How familiar are you with my area? Many attorneys cover wide areas, which is completely normal in North Alabama. However, a lawyer who’s familiar with Jackson, Lawrence, Limestone, Cullman, Madison and Morgan County judges and assistant district attorneys will probably be more comfortable in the courtroom. We were raised in Morgan County, and have practiced law in Madison and Morgan Counties for over 60 combined years.
4. What kind of results can you provide? No attorney can guarantee you any results. Be wary of lawyers who tell you, “If you pay me this much money, I can get you out of this, no problem.” A good lawyer will let you know that he or she can’t guarantee the outcome of your case. A good lawyer has the experience necessary to review your case and give you an honest evaluation of the possible outcomes.
5. What are your fees? An attorney who quotes you an extravagant fee is probably no better than any other attorney. Quoting high fees does not make you better or more qualified. I have had hundreds of criminal clients hire me after being quoted excessive fees by other attorneys. While it’s a good idea to comparison shop, picking an attorney with high prices or very low prices might result in poor service. Further, hiring a lawyer just because they advertise on television or talk on the news about their clients is probably not a good idea. Talking about your client’s cases on television rarely helps the client.

Why Hire Ferguson & Ferguson

When you need a criminal defense lawyer in Huntsville, Decatur, Athens or Scottsboro, Alabama, you need someone who has been helping clients with criminal cases for over 60 combined years. You need the experience of Randy W. Ferguson on your side. We have the depth of experience and knowledge to provide you with the best representation you can get in North Alabama. For a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Huntsville or Decatur, contact Ferguson & Ferguson at (256)534-3435 or 256-350-7200. Call now. We are here to help.

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