Auto Damages


Depending on your particular automobile accident case, in Alabama, your attorneys may be able to recover for your property damage, your medical and hospital costs, your pain and suffering, your loss of wages and lost earnings capacity along with other damages that may arise. You have no more than two years in Alabama from the date of injury to begin a court proceeding unless the injury results to a minor. You may have as little as six months or one year in Alabama to begin legal action depending on who the defendant or wrongdoer is.

Automobile accident lawyers should be educated on all of the current rulings in your state. Alabama traffic accidents are by far the majority of cases handled by the Ferguson & Ferguson Law Offices and we have successfully represented the rights of many traffic accident victims. In most Alabama automobile accident cases, claims are negotiated with insurance companies and are favorably settled by the Ferguson & Ferguson Law Offices, with the client’s approval and consent, without you having to go to court. Also, most insurance companies will not raise your insurance rates when it has been determined that the accident is not your fault. Remember that insurance companies have professional adjusters and attorneys working to represent their interests and to save the insurance company money. Make sure that you are not dealing with the insurance company at an unfair advantage. The Alabama automobile accident law firm of Ferguson & Ferguson offers a no obligation free initial consultation to discuss your claim.

This information on Alabama traffic accidents has been provided by the attorneys at Ferguson & Ferguson Law Offices. If you have not yet retained an Alabama attorney for your auto accident, you can be directly connected with an Alabama automobile accident attorney to discuss your rights by calling the telephone number above or by using the email link below. Ferguson & Ferguson Law Offices are located at 303 Williams Avenue, Suite 321 , Huntsville , Alabama 35801 and 211 Oak Street, Decatur , Alabama 35601.Because laws vary from State to State, and every situation is different, this information is provided only as a general guideline and does not replace the advice of an attorney. It would be wise to consult with an Alabama attorney who has experience in handling personal injury cases. You may contact my office at (256)534-3435, or fax us at (256)534-4339. If you don’t ask me for legal advice, please ask someone else. We are here to help.