Truck Accidents Violations


Undoubtedly, there are many safe Alabama truck drivers who obey the rules of the road, but there are also plenty of truck drivers and trucking companies that disregard the rules and put the public at risk. What happens when a fatigued or drunk Alabama truck driver crashes into you or a trucking company looks the other way when it knows its drivers are violating federal law?
Our office has extensive expertise in dealing with cases involving virtually every type of trucking violations, including:

  • Working extended hours and driver fatigues. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMSR), which are the sole safety standards that professional truck drivers and motor carriers must follow in operating commercial motor vehicles, restrict the number hours that a truck driver can drive his rig. Unfortunately, the economics of the trucking industry and the manner in which drivers are compensated do not always encourage safe driving. In order to make a living driving a truck, it is often necessary to drive far too many hours without enough rest. This is a hazard not only to the driver who is breaking the rules but also to all other drivers on the road.
  • Fraudulent log books. In hopes of trying to outwit law enforcement officials, dishonest drivers may keep two sets of log books, one containing false information about the number of hours driven and one containing the truth.
  • Traffic violations. Such as speeding, improper lane change, failure to yield the right of way, and running a red light.
  • Running other vehicles off the road. Truck drivers have “bumped” or forced small cars off the road without even realizing it!
  • Road rage. Tailgating and other aggressive driving behaviors are extremely intimidating when the aggressor is driving an 18-wheel tractor-trailer.
  • Driver carelessness and negligence. A driver’s failure to pay adequate attention to the road (changing a radio station, smoking, eating, etc.).
  • Use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Inadequate training. Trucking companies must make sure that their drivers are properly trained in safe driving techniques, safety concerns, and defensive driving.
  • Unrealistic schedules and expectations. In order to maximize profits, trucking companies often impose unrealistic delivery deadlines that encourage drivers to hurry, despite the safety risks involved.
  • Inclement weather such as rain, snow, fog, wind, ice, hail, and smoke where the driver does not adjust properly to these conditions.
  • Improper vehicle maintenance. Some companies will skimp on repairs or not have parts such as brakes inspected and replaced regularly.
  • Improper equipment. The FMCSR specifies the safety equipment, including mirrors, lights, reflectors, and brakes, that must be on all commercial vehicles, but often times, trucks are equipped with equipment that does not comply with the rules.
  • Missing or improper underride bar. In order to prevent vehicles from running underneath tractor-trailer trucks, the federal regulations require all trailers to have an underride bar, which is commonly known as a “DOT bar.” These bars must meet a specific width and height requirement in order to comply with the safety regulations.
  • Improper loading. Freight that is being transported by tractor-trailer must be loaded and secured in very specific manners in order to prevent the load from shifting during transpiration. If the load shifts, this can dramatically affect how the truck operates and the driver’s ability to control it.

At Ferguson & Ferguson, our Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama, trucking attorneys know how truckers and trucking companies attempt to get around safety regulations. We’re familiar with the numerous violations truckers and trucking companies commit. We thoroughly investigate all Alabama trucking accidents to uncover truck driver violations of the law, and once we find them, we will aggressively pursue legal action against the trucker and his company to hold them accountable and make them pay for their negligence on the road. Call now. Call 1-800-752-1998.