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Resources for Coping with Work Anxiety

Work-related anxiety has a habit of creeping up on Sunday and putting an abrupt end to an otherwise relaxing weekend. Experiencing a sense of dread on Sunday night is incredibly common among working professionals. In fact, this anticipatory anxiety is so common that it’s been given a cute name: the “Sunday scaries.” Coping with the Sunday scaries is all about adopting stress-relieving strategies and learning to work with anxiety rather than against it. Here, Behavioral Health Providershave put together some great resources to help you do just that!

Experiment with Different Stress Relievers

There are countless effective ways to relieve stress naturally. Incorporate some of these relaxation techniques and stress-busting strategies into your weekend to reduce Sunday anxiety.

Exercise to lower stress hormones and improve your sleep quality.
When working out, wear loose-fitting clothing for comfort, as well as a durable cotton bra to give you the support you need to achieve your workouts.
Consider taking natural supplements that promote relaxation.
Watch a funny TV show and laugh out loud.
Practice deep breathing to slow your heart rate and calm your body’s stress response.

Make Anxiety Work for You

Instead of fighting against anxiety, learn how to work with it! These resources will help you accept how you feel and use that tension to drive yourself forward.

Use stress to identify positive changes you need to make in your life.
View work anxiety as a signal that you need to practice self-care.
Determine what you cannot change and learn to let go.
Develop a mindfulness practice to fix unhealthy thought patterns.


Those precious weekend days off are essential for rejuvenating your mind and body for the coming work week. But anxiety about the week ahead can make it difficult to enjoy your weekend. Take advantage of stress-busting tools and mindfulness techniques to overcome the Sunday scaries and enjoy your time off!

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