One of the more hazardous jobs in America is being a “flagman” on a road construction site. Most of us take the drivable surface of the road and safe shoulder area for granted and road repair and resurfacing is viewed by most drivers as a nuisance, as something that will make us late for where we are going. We often ignore or are annoyed by traffic signs that implore us to slow down while we pass the area where men and women are working only feet away from our passing vehicles.

When a construction worker’s  life is lost, especially a young life,  in the routine performance of duties on a road maintenance crew, it make one stop and think that maybe we should be more grateful for the service that they provide for us day in and day out. Like a policeman or a firefighter, road repair crews put their lives on the line performing a service for our benefit. There have been numerous road crew injuries and deaths in Alabama in 2016. If you approach a construction zone in Alabama, make sure you slow down and look for workers.

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