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Tech-Savvy Seniors Are Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment

As a savvy senior, you probably either own or are thinking about getting a smartphone. After all, a smartphone can make life easier whether you’re keeping track of appointments or video chatting with the grandkids. It’s the ultimate tool in well-rounded portable technology, and what’s more, it can be fun to shoot selfies and play games.

Did you know it can also be good for your health? Read on for insights into what handy ways technology can improve your health, right from the palm of your hand.
Health and safety apps for seniors

Video Chat
You might not think of a social life as equating to healthcare, but according to McMaster University, isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to senior health. Stay connected with friends and family via video chats with FaceTime or Skype. It’s the next best thing to visiting in person since you can see each other while you’re talking. Engaging with loved ones is vital to your physical and mental health, and it might even prolong your life!

Medical Apps
Many seniors live alone with health conditions, and if you get into trouble, time can be of the essence. Consumers Advocate notes there are several worthwhile Medical alert apps. that can let emergency services and/or loved ones know if you need assistance.

You might also want to install the free ITriage appiTriage app. It was created by two ER doctors to help you identify symptoms, find the nearest doctor or hospital, keep track of your medical history, and more. Its massive medical database will be right at your fingertips, and it’s a handy way to keep on top of your own data.

Lots of people need to keep tabs on their blood pressure, along with other health-related basics. If that’s on your list of concerns, Blood Pressure Companion ProBlood Pressure Companion Pro lets you monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. You can even chart data to keep track of changes and share those charts with your doctor.

Medication Apps
Do you have trouble keeping your medications straight? You might take them an hour before a meal, with a meal, at bedtime, once a week…wait, did you already take that one?! Keeping track can be very confusing. That’s why you might want a pill reminder app to make sure you don’t skip a dose, double up, or take the wrong thing.

Can Your Phone Handle All of Your Favorite Apps?
All these apps with their fantastic features tend to need a fair amount of data and power to work properly. If you have an earlier model smartphone, you may need to upgrade in order to get the best out of your apps. Look for a new model that has all of the bells and whistles you need at a price you can comfortably afford. It should fit your data needs and be compatible with your carrier (either current or new). Some providers will offer sign up incentives that include money toward a new phone and unlimited plans. Just make sure you read and understand all of the fine print and can afford the plan in the long-term.

Maintaining Your Health With the Right Medicare Plan
You can also use your smartphone to look at your healthcare options. During the Medicare Open Enrollment period, which is from October 15 to December 7 each year, you can review your coverage and make changes as needed. A plan that was perfect last year may not be right this year because of changes to the plan or to your health.

You’ll want to examine your current coverage and make comparisons with what Medicare Advantage offers in your location. Honestly assess changes in your health, and check prescription prices between different plans and compare deductibles and copayments. You may decide to switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan since many of them provide additional benefits like dental, hearing, vision, and preventative care.

Technology is changing our world. For seniors, it means health advantages other generations didn’t enjoy. Tap into these wonderful, tech-derived benefits to enjoy top-notch health throughout your golden years.