The Best Tool Essential to Have When Renovating Your House

Renovating your house is quite a fantastic experience. If you have the right tool, it is relatively easy. However; if you don’t have the right tool essentials, trust me, renovating your house could be your greatest nightmare.

It doesn’t matter whether you are carrying out remodeling or adding a significant extension to your home. If you have the right equipment, you can easily do your home renovation yourself without hiring an expert.

Outside of the difficulty in remodeling, not having the right tools during your renovation could cost you more. And you may even end up doing a wrong job. That’s why in this article we’ve broken down the best tools to have to make your life easier.

Without further Ado, here are some of the best tool essentials to have when renovating your house.

11 Best tool Essentials to Have When Renovating Your House

#1. Hammer

You can’t do without hammer when you are renovating your home. It’s advisable to get a hammer with curved claw. During the renovation, a curved claw hammer is handy for pulling nails.

Hammers often come in different handles. Some DIYers prefer wooden handled hammers. But it’s advisable to go for fiberglass handles because it helps to cushion the shock that you may experience when driving nails into a surface.

There are different types of hammers in the market today. You must ensure you get the right one. Otherwise, it will frustrate your effort. The best hammers are the ones with ‘drop-forged’ on their heads.

However, hammers with drop forged heads are more expensive. But they last longer and more reliable than the ones that are cased.

Types of Hammers

Like I mentioned earlier, there are different types of hammers depending on the task you have at hand. Here are some common types of hammers you should know;

Claw Hammer

The claw hammer is popular among DIYers and contractors. It’s one of the best tool essentials to have when renovating your house. It’s used for general work and comes in wooden, glass-fiber or steel handle.

Ball Pein

Ball pein is a type of hammer that’s common among engineers. You can also use a ball pein hammer during renovation or remodeling. It’s the most useful hammer for light domestic tasks. You can use it to shape metal or drive a nail into a surface. A typical ball pein hammer has a wooden handle.

Club Hammer

Professionals often call it a lump hammer. It features a doubled faced head, and you will find it handy for all sorts of applications. Things such as light demolition, driving steel chisels, and masonry nails are some of its most common uses.

It’s advisable always to wear safety glasses and gloves when working with a club hammer. Debris usually flies around, and it could be unhealthy to you.

#2. Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is another essential tool you need when renovating your house. It’s portable and inexpensive. You will find it handy when remodeling or adding an extension to your home.

One thing about measuring tape is that people tend to forget or leave it behind. But it’s crucial device that is a must have. There’s no way you can successfully carry out a renovation project without a measuring tape.

Measurement is a sensitive aspect of renovation work. And a measuring tape is all you need to get an accurate measurement. Otherwise, the entire renovation project could be a great mess.

Furthermore, most measuring tapes have a small slot at the end hook. The slot helps to grab onto the head of the surface you are measuring. This makes your work a lot easier as it enables you to measure any surface yourself without the assistance of anybody.

#3. Demolition Bars

A demolition bar is sometimes called a wrecking bar, and can be used for demolition and pulling nails from objects. It’s a bulky metal device that features a flattened slit.

They come in different sizes, and they are firm and rigid. Perhaps, it’s because they are made out of machined hexagon-shaped metal rods. A demolition bar is an awesome tool to have.

#4. Ladder
A ladder is a tool that you will find in almost every home and work environment. It enables you to stay safe and reach higher areas. With a ladder, you will not be prone to danger.

For renovation purpose, I would recommend an aluminum ladder. This type of ladder is lightweight, resist corrosion, and relatively cheap. Also, aluminum ladder resists both flame and water. Whether you need a step stool or an extension ladder, you will always get the aluminum option.

#5. Handsaw

Most people don’t use hand saws these days because of the emergence of different power tools. But if you don’t have the budget for any of the power tools, you can still use a handsaw. You will find it handy if you use it during renovation.

Most people are often confused when shopping for a handsaw. It’s because there are so many options available out there. But if you need the handsaw mainly for renovation, I will recommend the modern panel saw for you. It’s very effective and can get things done a bit faster.

#6. Pliers

Like every other tool, pliers are indispensable in your renovation project. Whether you want to hold objects firmly, bend or compress them, you will find pliers very useful.

Pliers enable you to direct the force of your hand on objects with accurate precision. While there are different types of pliers with various functions, you can’t do without them during a renovation. They make a whole lot of things easier.

#7. Screwdriver Set

You may think a screwdriver set is overkill, but actually it’s not. Screwdrivers are either flat head or cross; and are useful for several scopes of work.

Every screwdriver has a shaft which is made of hardened steel that enables it to resist the twist and bend it goes through during usage. Furthermore, a screwdriver’s tip is designed to allow it to resists wear.

At all times, use the correct screwdriver on your project, otherwise you could damage your screwdriver or screw.

#7. Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is also one of the best tool essentials to have when renovating your house. You will find this tool handy when pulling objects and fastening rotary items. It grips objects like nuts and bolts, and prevent them from turning.

An adjustable wrench will undoubtedly make your renovation project a lot easier. You can use it to work on objects of different sizes because it has a flexible and fixed jaw.

It’s advisable to get a narrow adjustable wrench because you can easily use it to either tighten or loosen objects in tight spots.

#8. Drill Bits

Nobody can be effective during a renovation project without drill bits. Even though drill bits are cutting tools, they do a lot of work during renovation.

Interestingly, drill bits are very durable and reliable; you can always count on them to get things done.

#9. Impact Drivers

The impact driver is another tool essential to have when renovating your house. With impact drivers, your renovation project will be effortless and fun. They have higher rotational torque and fast-paced rotational tapping, which makes your work much more comfortable.

There are three types of impact drivers – manual, more rudimentary powered and automatic cordless impact drivers. You can get any of the impact drivers above depending on the nature of your renovation project.

Impact drivers have several uses; some of them include: losing over-torque, corroded screws, and driving long and thick fasteners into hard materials.

#10. Cat’s Paw

You can’t ignore the cat’s paw during a renovation. It’s a multipurpose tool that you will find very helpful when working on any project, including remodeling.

Sometimes, you can use it as a crowbar to pull out nails from surfaces. You can also use it to mold, trim, and carry out light demolition work when necessary. It doesn’t matter how deep a nail is buried in a wood; a cat’s paw will root it out.

#11. Speed Square

A speed square is one of the best tool essentials to have when renovating your house. If you want to mark lines on lumber, you will find it very useful. And it’s often used when cutting with the regular saw.

Furthermore, you can use the speed square to lay rafters and stairs. You should get yourself a metal speed square because of its longer shelf life and durability.


These are the best tool essentials to have when renovating your house. With these tools in your arsenal, your renovation work will be a lot easier and fun.

I would advise you to check your tools box before you start any renovation work to see what you have. Trust me, getting stuck in the middle of a project because you don’t have a particular tool could be frustrating.

Overall, we’ve broken down the best tool essentials to have, and believe if you follow our list you won’t go wrong.

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