What to Know When Claiming Compensation for A Car Accident Through Law Firms

Car Accident

Car accidents, or any kind of accident for that matter, is not something anyone looks forward to. But these things happen in life and cannot be predicted. However, when something like this does happen to anyone, they should be well taken care of, and this is what some of the public services in many countries provide. A way for you to get compensated when you are suffering an injury caused by another entity, person, or object is to seek help from a qualified professional.

There are many ways in which one can do this and the proper individuals to help you out are the personal injury lawyers who practice “tort law”, such as explained here. This is a type of law jurisdiction that includes someone who has suffered loss or harm which results in legal liabilities towards the person who commits the wrong-doing. This is punishable by the state in most cases.

When one speaks of legal injuries, these are not necessarily limited to only physical injuries but also include reputational, emotional, or economic setbacks and also other violations such as of property, personal rights, and privacy, and can include anything from car accidents to copyright infringement, product liability, defamation or even environmental pollution and toxins. These are all examples of the various “torts” that these types of lawyers belong to.

However, when you are specifically looking to claim for an automobile accident, you would usually seek out a personal injury lawyer.

How A Law Firm Can Help You

Accidents happen all the time, but when it causes serious injury to a person, there can be hospital bills and doctor visits involved, all these costs can add up, not to mention if it is a car accident the cost of getting it repaired or of buying a new one. When something like this happens the first step to take is to contact the legal advisor immediately. A thorough guide to help you through the claims process can be found here:

At this point, you may be referred to a law firm either by your motor car insurance company or a third party. The choice will be yours in who you decide to work with. Sometimes if your lucky, the mechanic that will repair your car at the automobile garage will know someone reputable.

In such instances timing is crucial, the sooner you make a claim the better it is, although you do have up to 3 years to do this. There may be some exceptions to this rule, such as:

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Car Accidents in Another Country. When you have an accident abroad, the time limits in those countries could be shorter than in the UK for example. However, sometimes, you may be able to make a claim in that country under the home countries law, for instance, the USA.

Children. If your children are under the age of 18 years of age, you can claim at any time. After this, the child, who would have turned 18 can claim until he or she is 21 years old.

Criminal Injuries. In the case where someone deliberately harmed you or caused you your injuries, you may be able to claim this as a separate right through the valid authorities. These places have a time limit of 2 years in this case.

Lacking Mental Capacity. If a friend or loved one lacks the capacity to make a claim themselves, there would be no time limit for this instance. Once they have regained, for instance, if in a coma or under drugs, then the time limit will come into consideration.

Claiming When It Is Your Fault

Anyone can make a claim, whether it is your fault or not. However, this will be dependent on the circumstances of the scenario. If for instance you hit your car into another individual’s vehicle but it was because of an external factor such as a pothole in the road that didn’t see, then you are welcome to make a claim. However, it if was because you were too drunk and went past a red light, then the chances of you making one will be minimal.

If your lucky and you are partly to blame for the fender bender, then you may be able to take this to the law firm as well. When looking for one of the best Port Orange car accident lawyers it may be as simple as asking for a recommendation from your local council’s office. One can also get a recommendation from someone whom they know may have been in a similar scenario or a friend or colleague at your workplace.

There are also scenarios where, if someone else was driving your car while you were in the passenger seat, you can make what’s known as a “passenger claim”.

How long anything takes to settle will depend on a few things such as, how severe the injuries were, a lot of people claim whiplash as an immediate factor during these types of accidents. When not sorted out soon, it could lead to other impaired health conditions, in which case once you claim, you can pay your chiropractor bills. If the claim is for something even more serious such as spinal or brain injury, it would take much longer.

Point to Note

There is never a set fee that one can get for any of these instances, as mentioned above it depends on a few factors, and your solicitor will be able to give you an estimate about this after having assessed the details from all parties in the initial consultation.

In conclusion, the point to note is that when working with a law firm that deals with these types of cases daily, they would be the best people to work with and to call, as soon as possible after any type of automobile collision. Claimants have been known to be compensated heftily for their cases due to hiring out the professional expertise of such parties, leaving them to take care of the details and paperwork, while you take care of yourself while in recovery.