Why DNA Testing is Right for You

Tubes with blood samples.

Genetics is a complex field that may be challenging to comprehend, but do not worry; we are here to make things easier. Here are some fascinating justifications for getting a DNA test at home. The Greek words for color (Chroma) and body are whence we get the word “chromosome” (soma). Because chromosomes are cell structures or entities intensely stained by several colorful research dyes, scientists gave them this moniker.

  1. Your DNA Test Results give you a Cheat Sheet throughout Life.

You may reduce the stress of living well by using the paternity test. Your whole genetic makeup is provided in our reports on a simple dashboard. The reports work as a cheat sheet, outlining precisely what to eat, how to exercise, and even how to get a better night’s sleep. With access to a meal planner on your DNA portal, you can reduce the stress associated with preparing nutritious meals.

  1. Knowing your Genes can Aid you with your Jeans

How? Clearly, the DNA test! Your findings will reveal you are an appropriate diet type. Should you follow a Mediterranean diet, a low-carb diet, or both?

Because every one of us has a unique genetic makeup and cannot reasonably follow the same diet and exercise regimen to lose weight, many of us have tried various diets that have just failed. Your ideal eating plan for weight control will be revealed in your nutrigenetic report, allowing you to finally fit into those clothes you’ve been trying so hard to get into.

  1. A Great Companion–DNA is like having a Permanent Gym Buddy!

A companion who is more loyal than a brother! What could be more accessible than a kit that deeply analyzes your DNA and tells you how to maximize every aspect of your life? The DNA kit will help you get closer to your fitness objectives like your best friend. Your genotyping report provides information on your VO2Max score, rate of recovery, and risk of injury. You can achieve your current fitness objectives after reading this material.

  1. Aerobic Potential (VO2Max)

Scientists utilize the VO2Max test to determine the maximum rate at which your body can use oxygen when exercising or for drug testing. This test will determine your aerobic capacity. The genes ADRB2, CRP, PPARGC1A, and VEGF are used to screen for this. You may better understand your VO2Max capacity by using these genes.

  1. Recovery Speed

This is due to evidence from studies suggesting that specific genetic variants suggest a delayed recovery after demanding activities. Your DNA genotype report will detail precisely how your body heals and suggest the number of antioxidants your body needs to function optimally.

  1. Injury Risk 

How probable is it that you will be hurt when working out? This should be your primary focus if you routinely exercise to keep in shape. You learn more about your post-workout dietary requirements in this section of your genotyping assessment. Even the amounts of your micronutrients will be included in your report.

  1. Accuracy 

DNA believes in absolute precision. Our The DNA10-Point Personal Genetics Code of Practice includes this. We exhibit stringent lab and data protection standards. We even urge other businesses to adhere to this tight code of conduct.

To help our clients make educated choices concerning the security of their DNA test samples and the quality of the laboratory analysis, we have made the location of the facility where samples are analyzed public.

  1. What is the ACE Gene?

The DNA reports on your power and endurance profile, carbohydrate sensitivity, and salt sensitivity all include tests for the ACE gene. We will explain what each of these tests means below. This gene is reported uniquely compared to most of the other analyzed genes. Both the Insertion (and I) allele and the Deletion (D) allele might be present in this gene. This is categorized as a variant in which a segment of DNA from the gene is either presents (I) or deleted (D).

  1. ACE Gene and your Power & Endurance Response

ACE is also unique because it is one of the most researched genes about sporting performance which is a plus when you’re trying to improve the way you train and your fitness.

People with I allele version of this gene can see more significant improvements in endurance training. People with the D allele version are associated with more significant improvements from higher intensity training (power).

  • ACE Gene and your Carbohydrate Sensitivity

ACE has also been found to affect the sensitivity to carbohydrates in certain people.

  • ACE and Salt Sensitivity 

ACE also plays a crucial role in blood pressure control and has been implicated in developing salt-sensitive hypertension, or high blood pressure with very high salt intake.

Last but not least, YOU WILL BE EQUIPPED to change your life.

Purchase DNA right now to start your journey toward improving your life with this collection of helpful information.