Why Does Fall Have More Car Accidents? Is it the Leaves or Something More?

Is fall the most dangerous time of year to drive? Many people believe it is, but according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this isn’t actually true at all. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that more car accidents occur in the summer than in fall and winter combined!

But there may be something to the perception that fall has more car accidents. And it could be tied to the leaves that seem to change colors faster than the weather changes temperature. Find out why many people believe that fall has more car accidents, and whether or not there’s any truth to this perception in today’s article!

The Link Between Seasonal Changes and Car Crashes

Fall is a time of changing seasons, which can have an effect on our mood. A car accident attorney can even attest that during the fall, there are plenty of accidents on the road like any other time of year.

It’s not just because drivers may be feeling stressed as they make their way back to school and work after a summer vacation. It could be because of leaves on the ground!

Why Do Leaves Cause So Many Crashes?

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can also be dangerous. With leaves on the ground and the days becoming shorter, drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Why does fall have more car accidents than any other time of year?

First off, there’s just not enough daylight to see everything. Many people assume that their headlights are enough for them to see all around them.

But that’s not always the case. You need about three times as much light as headlight output in order for you to see well enough when driving at night. This is especially true when leaves have fallen onto the pavement and pavement markings like lane markers and traffic signals.

Other Reasons for the Spike in Autumn Crashes

The leaves are just one factor in car accidents during autumn, but there are many other reasons why there is an increase in accidents.

Research shows that drivers may be more likely to doze off at the wheel during this time. Drivers also drive slower, which means they can’t react as quickly when something happens on the road. There’s also an increase of drivers on the road because people are driving to their holiday destinations.

These factors combined with reduced visibility and decreased lighting due to shorter days lead to more accidents during this time of year than in other seasons.

How to Stay Safe on the Roads This Fall

This fall, the roads can be more treacherous than ever. You need to be prepared for the worst and know how to stay safe.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe on the roads this fall:

  1. Stay alert at all times when driving. This means that you should only use your phone when it is completely necessary and not while driving.
  2. Slow down! The leaves on the ground can make it difficult to see what’s ahead of you if you’re going too fast.
  3. Always wear your seatbelt! It’s important that you keep yourself as safe as possible while driving this time of year, so make sure you always buckle up before getting into your car!
  4. Do not drink and drive. You could be fined, arrested, and forced to have an interlock installation, if caught drunk driving.

In Summary

The autumn months are often associated with falling leaves and brisk weather. But fall also has more car accidents than the rest of the year, making it a dangerous time to hit the road—even if you’re driving carefully.

It’s not just your imagination. This only means now is an excellent time to ensure that you know how to avoid all those fall accidents and stay safe this season.

About the Author:

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